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Huckabees Hygiene - Who We Are And What We Do

At Huckabees, we’re very innovative and always think about ways to grow and expand.

Our foundations were set with the United Nations over a decade ago working on water and sanitation hygiene programs in Emergencies, known as WASH. Our core focus in the field is to stop outbreaks of disease through hand hygiene programs in disaster zones around the world.

During our years of service implementing better hand hygiene. We’ve gained the knowledge and experience to create tried and tested formulas for our products.

We take hygiene seriously and often try to come up with new and easier ways for our customers to protect themselves.

    Our Advantages

    Certified Ingredients

    • We use certified ingredients and our ethanol alcohol suppliers are in the EU approved under Article 95 of the EU BPR list.
    • We use 70% ethanol alcohol by volume.
    • We do NOT use Methonal - Methanol is wood alcohol, a substance that many governments are warning against saying it can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested.
    • Our Ethanol alcohol is naturally derived from corn and is fully compliant with EU and UK legislation.
    • We do not use glycerol in our sanitiser to avoid residual stickiness present in other sanitisers.
    • Our customers are in safe hands and they'll genuinely enjoy and benefit from using our products.

    EN Certifications

    We invest heavily in BS EN testing and certifications. If you're searching for hand sanitiser whether it’s 5 litres or 500ml, 70% alcohol or 80%, then you’ve probably come across a series of numbers with the letters EN in front of them. Well what are EN numbers and are they important? The short answer to this is YES. Let us explain. If a hand sanitiser claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria then you have to get it EN tested. Once passed you can then claim what areas the sanitiser has been approved for ie; kitchens or hospitals. Compliance varies across various sectors. This helps you make the right decision when choosing a suitable product for your business or home. EN numbers carry with them the obligation of a national level by giving it a status of a national standard product. A BS EN, therefore, a European Standard (EN) automatically becomes a national standard in each of the 34 CEN-CENELEC member countries which is basically most of Europe and Turkey. Huckabees Hand Sanitiser has the following BS EN certifications: BS EN1276:2019 BS EN1500:2013 BS EN1650:2008 & BS EN14476:2013
    • Antibacterial - kills 99.999% of bacteria according to - BS EN 1276 BS EN 1500
    • Suitable for use in Retail, Food, Hospitality, Domestic and Industrial sectors according to BS EN 1276, BS EN 1500 and BS EN 1650.
    • Virucidal - effective against enveloped viruses according to BS EN 14476.
    • Yeasticidal according to BS EN 1650.
    • Fungicidal according to BS EN 1650
    • Huckabees hand sanitiser gel is applicable for Surgical or Medical use according to BS EN 1500.

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